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Ideas to make a cocktail with or without alcohol

Easy cocktail ideas and recipes

Easy drink ideas and perfect presentation in chic glasses, it’s the perfect cocktail ! Find the essential recipes for cocktails with or without alcohol. Learn the art of mixing drinks and then present your cocktails in suitable glasses with a contemporary design.


Essential equipment for making good an beautiful cocktails

Mixology is an art, the art of mixing drinks with subtlety to bring out the flavours of all the ingredients. Before you start making cocktails and mocktails, make sure you have all the necessary equipment at your disposal.


The complete bartender’s equipment

All mixologists work with a shaker, but that’s not all. A bartender’s complete set of equipment includes at least a measuring jug, a mixing glass with a spout and a masher, to squeeze your ingredients and crush ice.


Quality and solid glasses

A successful cocktail is also a drink presented in a beautiful glass. To work efficiently and safely, bartenders and bar managers need break-resistant glasses. Arcoroc offers its tempered glass collections, suitable for serving and tasting cocktails. Why this heat treatment of glass? Because it increases the resistance to temperature variations (hot/cold contact in particular) and to mechanical shocks. In addition, it makes the glass non-sharp when broken.


Ideas for a non-alcoholic coktail

Among the most famous mocktails, or non-alcoholic cocktails, the Shirley Temple is a great classic. The preparation is simple. In the mixing glass, pour :

  •  2 cl of grenadine syrup ;
  •  6 cl of ginger ale, for example Canada Dry;
  •  6 cl of flavoured sparkling water, lemonade or soda.

Put ice cubes and a lemon peel in a tasting glass. Then pour in the mixture. For the final touch, add a slice of lemon to the rim of the glass and place a candied cherry.


The Bora Bora is another must-have non-alcoholic cocktail. The recipe for this exotic fruit drink is as follows :

  •  2 cl lemon juice ;
  •  8 cl passion fruit juice;
  •  8 cl pineapple juice;
  •  2 cl grenadine syrup.

Pour each of these ingredients into the shaker one by one and shake. Place ice cubes in the glass and pour the mixture. You can add a small fruit skewer as a garnish.


Easy cocktail recipes with alcohol

Who hasn’t heard of the Margarita ? It is probably one of the most famous cocktails in the world. Prepare your glasses beforehand by running a slice of lemon around the rim. Then rub the rims with salt. The recipe includes :

  •  3.5 cl of Tequila ;
  •  2 cl of triple sec liqueur;
  •  1.5 cl lemon juice.

Pour each of the ingredients into the shaker with ice cubes. Shake and pour into the glass, without adding ice. A slice of lemon can be used to decorate the rim of the glass.


The Mojito is another classic. It is made directly in the glass with :

  •  6 to 7 spearmint leaves (strawberries or raspberries can also be added to vary the flavour), lightly crushed;
  •  2 teaspoons of cane sugar;
  •  ½ lime cut into pieces;
  •  5 cl of rum;
  •  Add sparkling water.
  •  Add a few mint leaves to the top of the drink before serving.


The Martini and the Gin and Tonic are among the easiest cocktails to make with alcohol. For the Martini, pour into the shaker :

  •  6 cl of gin ;
  •  1 cl of dry white vermouth;
  •  1 lemon juice from a zest.

Shake with ice cubes, then serve the strained cocktail without ice in a glass. Add an olive to the glass.


For the Gin and Tonic, which is prepared directly in the glass and over ice :

  •  pour 3 cl of Gin ;
  •  fill the glass with a tonic drink;
  •  add a lemon peel on top of the cocktail.

Each cocktail has its own glass

Careful presentation of your cocktails will make them stand out. The secret of a successful cocktail is the combination of the good and the beautiful. This means pouring your drinks into the right glasses. Here are our suggestions for glasses to pour your cocktails in : 

  •  The Shirley Temple and the Bora Bora are long-drink cocktails that are served in a tall Tumbler glass with a capacity of 21 to 35 cl;
  •  The Margarita is served in a stemmed glass topped by a two-tiered bowl (27 cl), or in a simple cup;
  •  The Mojito is poured into a low-form Tumbler glass (Old Fashioned) of 30 to 36 cl;
  •  The Martini is a cocktail to be enjoyed in a stemmed glass with a 15 cl conical bowl;
  •  Gin and tonic is a drink that is best enjoyed in a 21 to 27 cl balloon stemmed glass, or even in a large 70cl glass, but it can also be enjoyed in a low Tumbler glass (Old Fashioned).

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