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“Every 10 years, 10 million tons of plastic waste are thrown into the oceans. Now, solutions exist. So Urban, the first range specifically designed for professional use and intended to replace disposable tableware.”

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Normandie, a collection made in France by Arc that echoes the French heritage with its unmistakable design. This collection of stemmed glasses can be found in most brasseries and other traditional restaurants. These 24cl, 16cl and 14cl flute wine glasses are emblematic with their lyre shape and structured leg. Made of tempered glass, Arcoroc boasts the unparalleled high impact resistance of Normandie.

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Our Materials :

Arcoroc is committed to offering you, the restaurant professionals, quality products. That's why our products are made with materials that are ultra-resistant.
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The OPAL range is the guarantee of a product :
- Healthy
- Functional
- Economical
- Eco-responsible
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Tempered Glass

Hardened articles that guarantee :
- Resistance
- Functionality
- Safety
- Economy
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