Born in 1825 in the heart of the town of Arques, in the north of France, Arc is the world leader in tableware. For nearly two centuries, the Group’s history has been forged through countless innovations, with the same leitmotiv, regardless of the era :

to offer, over the years, more beautiful, more practical, more resistant, more versatile, healthier and always more accessible products.

Every day, the Arc Group produces more than 4.3 million items, half of which leave its factory in Arques in northern France.

Arc France, committed to sustainable production

100% Glass scraps from our production are reused.
94% Of our products sold in Europe are made in France
80% Raw materials are transported by river.

The circular economy

All the articles produced by the Arc Group are made of glass. Infinitely recyclable, insulating, non-flammable and resistant, glass is by definition a sustainable material. The Arc Group has long been aware of the challenges linked to the environment and has been committed for several years to an approach that favors the circular economy, for example by striving to preserve natural resources, or to integrate sustainability criteria into the design of its products and offers.


Arc, durable glasses