Did you know ?

Innovation is one of our values.

For two centuries now,we have never stopped innovating and reinventing ourselves to better meet our customers’ expectations. Often envied, never equaled, this strength that characterizes us allows us to remain the leader in our market while creating value at all levels of the company.

Developing new concepts and new processes, proposing new collections each season, creating new shapes and accessible products that are ever more practical, safer and more resistant are at the heart of the company we are today.

Over the past ten years, this capacity for innovation has given rise to previously unseen types of glasses such as Kwarx®, Krysta®, colored opal, and culinary opal.

Tempered glass

Hardened articles that guarantee :
- Resistance
- Functionality
- Safety
- Economy


Opal glass

Nothing is lost at Arc ! Glass scraps, transparent or colored, related to production (also called : "groisil") are recovered. When this mixture is fed into a furnace, it takes on a dark color during the melting process. It is enough to add a little dye to it so that it becomes a black glass.



The OPAL range is the guarantee of a product :
- Healthy
- Functional
- Economical
- Eco-responsible