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How to choose the right dinnerware for your restaurant ?

Dinnerware for restaurants : tips for making the right choice

Choosing the right dinnerware for your restaurant is essential. It is one of the elements that will allow you to highlight your dishes. Find all the advice you need to make the right choice.


Practical and functionnal dinnerware

The dinnerware for your restaurant must above all be practical, i.e. easy to clean and store. The size of your plates should also match the style of dishes and the amount of food you will be serving on them. Finally, the material used to make the plates must be chosen with care. It must be resistant to cold, heat, scratches, knocks and repeated use in the dishwasher. Ceramic (porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, etc.) is still the standard in the catering sector, but other ultra-resistant materials are also increasingly being offered by specialist brands.


At Arcoroc, we offer a wide range of quality professional dinnerware. Our materials are specifically designed to withstand repeated use in the dishwasher:


  •  Opal is an extra-white material that can withstand heat variations up to 130°C. It is also particularly resistant to shocks and has a beautiful shiny appearance. Finally, it is non-porous, does not retain unpleasant odours or bacteria and is not affected by food colouring.
  •  Heat-treated glass (tempering) makes it up to 5 times more resistant to sudden temperature changes and impacts. In addition, it does not become sharp if broken.
  •  Extra-strong porcelain is twice as strong as conventional porcelain, while retaining its aesthetic qualiti

Our team of experts creates tableware that is designed to fit perfectly with the constraints of restaurateurs. They allow for optimal service, regardless of the number of people in the restaurant. They also have a resolutely modern style while ensuring impeccable hygiene conditions.


Durable dinnerware

It is advisable to avoid products made of plastic and melamine, which contain chemical components and can endanger the health of your customers. Plastic is also an increasingly controversial material and choosing it for your restaurant tables could give you a bad image. The best thing to do is to choose more environmentally friendly materials, such as glass.

At Arcoroc, we have chosen to use only sustainable materials that have a minimal impact on the environment.


Modern dinnerware

In the digital and social networking age, the colour and design of your plates are of paramount importance. The more modern and up-to-date they are, the more likely your customers will want to take pictures and post them. If you have a website, adding beautiful images of your dishes and your plates, cutlery and glassware will help you to attract new customers, which is not insignificant.


What shapes for your plates ?

Most of the time, a plate has a round, square or rectangular shape. The round shape is the most common. As it emphasises what is placed in the centre, it is suitable for presenting a large number of dishes. The square (or oval) shape is very popular with starred restaurants or those with special, original worlds. Finally, the rectangular shape is particularly suitable for Asian restaurants (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.).


Other criteria to be taken into account


There are a few other criteria to consider when making your choice :


  •  The weight varies according to the size and material. It should not be too heavy to ensure a good grip.
  •  Oven and dishwasher compatibility: not all dinnerware is oven and dishwasher safe in the same way. The Arcoroc collections are all designed to withstand intensive professional use.
  •  Stackability. Your dinnerware should be easy to store without taking up too much space. The base of each product should also be enamelled, otherwise the individual pieces may scratch each other when stacked.

What does a professional dinnerware collection consist of ?


The flat plate

The simplicity of this plate enhances the dishes it presents, whether they are traditional or more sophisticated specialities. It is easy to stack and easy to store and serve.


The soup plate

The soup plate is well suited to sauce dishes and unstructured presentations. Its sleek design is perfect for highlighting your specialities.


The pizza plate

This is a large, simple, white plate designed to showcase all types of pizza.


The pasta plate

It can be used for pasta dishes, but also for salads and some desserts.


The steak plate

The steak plate is usually oval in shape and generously proportioned. Its other characteristics are that it has a large well and a flat surface that makes it easy to cut the meat.


Burger plates

Specifically designed for serving burgers, these plates are square or rectangular in shape and allow the burgers and their fillings to be enjoyed in ideal conditions.

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