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Glass : the material of choice for eco-responsible tableware

How to choose eco-responsible tableware ?

For a restaurant, switching to eco-responsible tableware will help to combat the proliferation of waste and generate a small carbon footprint, but not only that. It will also improve your brand image and will most certainly attract new customers.


Catering : how to switch from disposable to sustainable tableware ?

An eco-responsible restaurant is one that puts environmental issues at the centre of its concerns. Choosing ecological and sustainable tableware is one of the most effective ways to do something for the planet while taking care of your customers’ health. This is why, if you are a restaurant owner, the choice of your tableware should not be made lightly.


In the tableware sector, the trend is towards old-fashioned materials such as glass, porcelain and ceramics, which are perfect for designing a sustainable table. Plates and dishes also need to be durable and easy to clean in order to meet the demands of professionals. That’s why Arcoroc is developing collections of quality glass and opal tableware, allowing restaurateurs to avoid using disposable items.


However, professional tableware must meet a number of criteria:

  •  be resistant to intensive use and to heat and cold
  •  be smooth and easy to clean
  •  limit the growth of bacteria

Your tableware should also be suitable for the type and quantity of food you serve. The aesthetic aspect is also very important, as it will help you to make a lasting impression on your customers. However, your plates should not eclipse the dishes you are serving, but rather complement them by highlighting them.


Finally, if you have a relatively high budget, why not vary your tableware according to the time of the meal ? For example, you can opt for minimalist flat plates for your starters, switch to colour for your main courses and serve your desserts in ultra-refined tableware. Your customers will certainly be delighted with this eclectic experience !


Why choose eco-friendly glass tableware ?

Glass is a material with many qualities. For catering, it is usually vitrified or tempered to make it stronger and more hygienic, as it is not porous. It is also dishwasher safe (up to 2000 times) and microwave safe.

The Arcoroc brand offers tempered and opal glass tableware Made in France. Tempered glass undergoes a treatment (tempering) that makes the material much more resistant. It is therefore 3 to 5 times stronger than conventional glass and porcelain, even if it is dropped. In addition, it does not become sharp if broken, which avoids the risk of injury. Opal glass is manufactured in the same way as clear glass, but as the name suggests, opal is added, making it white and opaque. This type of glass has the same strength as tempered glass and has the advantage of being virtually scratch-proof.

Arcoroc’s glass plates are also designed to be easily stackable, making them easy to store and serve in the dining room. In addition, their weight and ergonomics are designed to ensure that they are easy to hold and handle.


The role of customers in the shift towards sustainability

Today, most customers who visit a restaurant form their opinion not only on the food served, but also on the philosophy of the restaurant. The latter must therefore be natural and sustainable.

Customers pay a lot of attention to minimising waste and energy consumption. Restaurants that serve their dishes in melamine and plastic dishes containing chemical components such as bisphenol, for example, are therefore increasingly avoided. They prefer establishments that participate in the awareness of the planet and do their best to pollute less. Disposable packaging is no longer popular and restaurants that use it must at least use recyclable or biodegradable containers, made from corn starch or bamboo fibres, among other things.

To support catering professionals who wish to commit to a more eco-responsible approach, Arcoroc creates modern and elegant collections that are specifically designed to adapt to consumer trends. All our products are developed by our design teams, in partnership with the Food Service Marketing and Research & Development departments. In this way, they meet all the requirements that restaurant owners may have and accompany them on a daily basis, making their work easier.


Whether you run a gourmet restaurant, a trendy bar or a traditional brasserie, don’t hesitate to consult our catalogues to find the products you need : dinner plates, soup plates, serving dishes, glassware, cutlery, coffee sets, bowls and dishes, accessories, etc. By trusting our company, you can be sure of receiving high quality products Made in France and manufactured according to almost 200 years of know-how. It is not for nothing that our brand is recommended by so many catering professionals !