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How to choose non-commercial catering tableware ?

Criteria for choosing tableware

In the non-commercial catering industry, it is important to rely on high quality plates, dishes, bowls and cups. For these accessories, you can choose culinary Opal. This material has proved its worth in the design of tableware.


1. The requirements of the non-commercial catering industry for tableware

For a gastronomic establishment, a school canteen, an old people’s home restaurant or a bar, the choice of tableware is a point not to be neglected. Suitable accessories must be used on a daily basis, both to satisfy the people who are going to use them and to facilitate the work of the professionals in charge of service. Catering tableware is first and foremost multi-purpose, with several specific characteristics. The non-commercial catering industry must be able to rely on accessories that are perfectly hygienic, resistant to professional dishwashers, strong enough to avoid the risk of breakage and not afraid of high temperatures.

In recent years, the non-commercial catering departments of public establishments, institutions and companies have placed increasing emphasis on the practical and aesthetic aspects of the dishes and plates used. It is therefore important to be able to obtain elegant and functional tableware with a wide variety of shapes, colours and patterns. The price is of course a major criterion for professionals who need to buy their tableware in quantity. For all these reasons, more and more people are switching from the classic ceramic elements to Opal accessories.


2. Opal – the perfect material for your tableware

For all items used in the non-commercial catering industry, it is important to use high-performance materials. Culinary Opal is an excellent choice for several reasons.

It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean, and has the advantage of being healthy, functional, economical and ecologically responsible. Just like stainless steel for cutlery, Opal is a material that is suitable for intensive use and daily use in a professional dishwasher. It is the ideal material for use in a canteen, buffet or restaurant. There is also a wide range of plates and bowls in various sizes (12 cm, 15.5 cm, 19.5 cm, etc.) and colours, for example to match napkins.

As a non-porous material, Opal is easy to clean and leaves no room for bacteria. It is also a hardened product with high impact resistance and temperature resistance. It can be used in a microwave oven or a conventional oven up to 250°C. The practicality of Opal tableware should be noted, as it is ergonomic, light and easy to store, as it can be stacked. Finally, Opal has the double advantage of being economical to produce and environmentally friendly.


3. The benefits of adapted tableware for non-commercial catering staff

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are increasingly common in the workplace. It is estimated that they currently account for 87% of occupational illnesses, at a very high cost to employers. The non-commercial catering sector is particularly affected by this phenomenon because of the repetitive nature of the tasks assigned to employees. Poorly designed equipment and accessories that are too heavy to carry on a daily basis are the cause of many of the musculoskeletal disorders that occur every year in the non-commercial catering industry.

To remedy this problem, culinary Opal has some obvious strengths. The reduced weight of this material makes it possible to design lighter tableware than with ceramic, stoneware or earthenware products. A specialist in the sector such as Arcoroc is very aware of the issues surrounding RSI and places great importance on the ergonomics of its creations. As a result, the accessories designed for the non-commercial catering industry are designed to reduce the strain on the muscles, tendons and nerves of the upper limbs during service.

Arcoroc creations are ideal for a safe and pleasant working environment. You have access to a wide selection of products by consulting the catalogues of this reference brand, for the purchase of flat plates, glasses, cups or cutlery, individually or in batches. The culinary Opal used to manufacture tableware is a material that meets all the requirements of the sector. Arcoroc’s tableware solutions are designed to make the work of canteen and restaurant staff easier.

With more than 4 million items produced every day, the Arc Group is recognised for its experience and know-how. Its products have the independent “Origine France garantie” label and are designed for intensive use in restaurants. With the development of ranges around the culinary Opal, Arcoroc intends to offer all professionals in the sector the most innovative and functional products. They have already been adopted by many hotels, bars and restaurants throughout France. There are various collections of Opal tableware, including the Brush range, which is distinguished by its brushed effect decoration. There are many items in this collection, with plates, saucers and bowls available in a range of colours to suit all your needs.

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