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Discover our new range Autonomy : innovation for independence

Europe’s population is ageing, that’s a fact. But what is less often emphasised is that this demographic change is accompanied by a major challenge: independence. Between 2018 and 2070, the number of people aged 80 or over in Europe will double, while the proportion of elderly people losing their independence will grow exponentially between 2030 and 2045. Faced with this reality, Arcoroc is presenting its new Autonomy range, designed specifically to meet the needs of residents in EHPAD and healthcare professionals.

Our testimonials:

Grégory Balle, designer at Arcoroc, explains: “This range is the result of close collaboration with healthcare professionals. We identified their specific needs and devised solutions to guarantee the independence of residents in nursing homes. Life-size tests enabled us to design an ideal concept, taking into account all the issues raised.”

The issues were numerous: crockery with a coloured outline to centre the food for visually impaired patients, the need to encourage autonomy while preserving self-esteem, lack of dexterity, difficulty swallowing, the need for precision in gestures.

Laure Delannoy, crockery product manager, stresses the importance of teamwork and collaboration with healthcare professionals and residents in nursing homes. “The Autonomy project is a real human experience that has forced us to rethink our approach. We are proud to present a functional concept that is specifically adapted to the needs of people losing their independence.”

Features of the Autonomy range

The Autonomy range offers a complete solution comprising glassware and crockery that is both plain and colourful. The plates have a deep well to prevent spills, a wing for a better grip, and an optimised depth to make handling cutlery easier.
The glasses have a wide rim to make swallowing easier and prevent false swallowing, as well as an ergonomic shape for optimum stability.

Testimonial from a professional

Svetlana Gottfried, care manager, talks about her experience with the Autonomy range: “The hollow plate and especially the deeper rim make it easier to use and eat, especially for patients with dementia. The red and blue net is perfectly visible and helps our residents to recognise the food. Colour is important when working with older people.”

We also had a testimonial from Saule Müller, crockery logistics manager, who told us that he was positively surprised by the cleaning of the plates, as they have a very deep rim. The Opal material of the Autonomy plates is perfect for intensive use in the dishwasher.

Finally, an occupational therapist, Louise Vermelle, told us that Autonomy is a concept that makes mealtimes easier. The plates allow residents to lean on the rim, making it easier to eat and eliminating the need to put plates on the table and get outside help. As for the cups, their grip is much appreciated because the opening at the top covers the nose well and prevents the head from hyperextending to drink.

Our Autonomy range represents a real advance in the field of care for the frail elderly. With its specifically adapted and functional products, it offers healthcare professionals a complete solution for improving the day-to-day lives of nursing home residents. Choose innovation and quality with the Autonomy range.

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