Autonomy New

The Autonomy concept has been designed to make mealtimes easier for people losing their independence. Developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, this collection is both technical and functional. The range consists of 2 plates, 230 mm and 190 mm in diameter, available in versions with a blue or red fillet, and a 30 cl tumbler to meet the different needs of care home residents. The main features of the plate design are a deep well to prevent food from spilling off the plate, a ridge to prevent the thumb from touching the food and to make it easier to hold, optimised depth to prevent residents from having to lift their cutlery and therefore their arms too high, and a coloured fillet to make the food easier to see. The ergonomic design of the tumbler is just as functional, with a tall shape for drinking through a straw and a wide rim to prevent problems with swallowing. With the Autonomy collection, meals will be more enjoyable for residents who are losing their independence