By Flavien Becq
In Duration ~ 2 min

So Urban, a sustainable alternative to disposable dinnerware !

Arcoroc’s sustainable collection

With So Urban, Arcoroc is offering the catering industry a sustainable solution to help it accelerate the transition to the new circular economy model defined by France and Europe as part of sustainable development efforts.

Consisting of long-lasting, reusable and returnable glass containers, the So Urban range of products breaks with tradition and offers a more sustainable way to consume, to curb the phenomenon of over- reliance on single-use plastic.


Glass, a sustainable solution for the future

Many so-called alternative solutions, such as biodegradable, compostable or even sustainable plastics, are now being questioned from a public health point of view.

They are also being called into question due to the persistence of microplastics, even after recycling. Glass, however, is a non-porous material that allows for perfect health control.


So Urban : A high-performance range

The So Urban range is specifically designed for restaurants, takeaways and deliveries, and covers every need from starters to desserts. It has been co-created with professionals in order to address as many of their constraints as possible, from presentation and preparation to storage, conservation and delivery.

In addition to being made of glass, a healthy material that guarantees organoleptic quality and safety, So Urban containers offer many advantages and functions designed for professionals in the catering industry : company cafeterias, food trucks, fast- food and fast-casual restaurants, snack vendors, home deliveries, takeaways, click & collect, and so on.

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