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E se il mix perfetto fosse Maeva, Mekkano e Vesca?

Maeva Vintage

Designed for desserts or appetisers, these bowls tell a story. The Vintage and its retro cut-crystal effect; the Dots and its water droplets texture; the precious Diamant, like the cushioned interior of a multi-faceted jewellery…


The Mekkano collection has been inspired by the trend for individual or sharing trays and boards that are increasingly found in theme restaurants, wine bars and tapas places. You can use them to display dishes…

Vesca 2,8 mm – 18/10

The Vesca collection is a long collection consisting of table and service cutlery, including oyster or snail forks and steak knives, as well as ladles and cake servers. The dinner fork and spoon are 2.8…

Nota golosa

Combo 2

Valorizza i dessert presentandoli nelle collezioni Fjord, Vina Juliette e Alabama Sand.


The Nordic inspired Fjords collection emphasises its stylish form to optimise handling and ride the wave of hot drinks. Nothing is overlooked, from the mug for serving cappuccino and hot chocolate, the creamer and the…

Vina Juliette

Its angular shape fits on all styles of table: traditional restaurants, brasseries, neo-bistros, etc.

Alabama Sand 3 mm – 18/10

The Alabama Sand line consists of 9 items and is suitable for various uses. The contrast of the matt handle and the shiny eating surfaces gives it a truly modern look, which is further reinforced…


From hot to cold with no risk of breakage

Tempered and opal items are treated to withstand temperature variations of 135°C. Other products can only withstand a temperature variation of 80°C.

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