Wine & Champagne

Combo 1

The Mineral collection, a safe bet.


The Minéral collection revisits the tulip shape with harmony and balance, combining two qualities that are essential for tasting white and red wines. The generous bowl aerates them and the fine 1.1 mm rim contributes to…

Wine & Champagne

Combo 2

Vina Juliette and Mekkano, the winning combo.

V. Juliette

Its angular shape fits on all styles of table: traditional restaurants, brasseries, neo-bistros, etc.


The Mekkano collection has been inspired by the trend for individual or sharing trays and boards that are increasingly found in theme restaurants, wine bars and tapas places. You can use them to display dishes…

Wine & Champagne

Combo 3

The Elegance and Appetizer collections make the perfect combo!


The classic design of the Elegance collection embellishes your tables with its timeless touch. And its remarkable variety will add the finishing touch to your drinks service: wines in the six stemmed glasses, long drinks…


The current trend is for boldly designed and portable miniatures, just like the slender lines of the Appetizer collection. It lends a touch of fun and practicality to buffets with its twenty-one stackable models, to…


Less breakage

Arcoroc offers innovative materials and treatments, reducing the risk of breakage to a minimum despite the intensive use.

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