Tray service

Combo 1

Bank on a combo of the Brush, Bora, Campus and Restaurant collections.


Brighten up trays with the painted colours of the Brush collection. The palette of eight shades, from the most vivid to the most subtle, goes beautifully with the remarkably tough white opal of the dinnerware.…


The Restaurant range has a host of qualities and innovations suitable for catering in healthcare establishments. The items are suited to hot and cold and are comfortable and ergonomic for professionals and patients. They are…


A modern shape and great service quality make the Campus collection a best-seller for canteens. The glasses are multi-purpose: beer, wine, water, fruit juice. These tumblers are easy to hold, stackable and tempered, giving them…


Perfect hygiene

Items in glass, opal or Zenix are made from a single material, thus guaranteeing perfect hygiene.

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