Self service

Combo 1

The perfect combo of the Restaurant, Resto, Matiz and Fluid collections.


The Restaurant range has a host of qualities and innovations suitable for any institutional segments and more particularly for healthcare establishments. The items are suited to hot and cold and are comfortable and ergonomic for…


A touch of Scandinavia. Smart items for your brasseries, self-service restaurants, canteens and buffets: the Resto collection has that refined, Scandinavian air that is so fashionable at the moment. It can also easily be used…

Matiz 2,5 mm – 18/10

The Matiz collection balances the rounded handles with the eating surfaces and the perfect grip of the cutlery. Their simplicity and the mirror-polish shine create a stylish and modest look on tables. They lightly and…


A decanter for wine, water or fruit juice, the Fluid collection is clever and versatile when it comes to service. Two small sizes put a retro stamp on tables, with their waiter style stopper. This…

Self service

Combo 2

For your self-service concept, choose the Brush, Amelia, Hôtel and Arc combo.


Brighten up trays with the painted colours of the Brush collection. The palette of eight shades, from the most vivid to the most subtle, goes beautifully with the remarkably tough white opal of the dinnerware.…


Stackable and hard-wearing, the four stemmed glasses from the Amelia collection fit just as well into a bar setting as a canteen, particularly one intended for children. Their small capacity saves space on trays and…


With the four pitchers in the Arc collection, you exploit the tradition of a jug that has spanned the ages. Its full shape, from the Grandes Tables format to the solo pitcher, and its ergonomic…


Perfect hygiene

Items in glass, opal or Zenix are made from a single material, thus guaranteeing perfect hygiene.

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