Our sustainable solutions

Glass containers

Arcoroc offers a number of reusable, long-lasting and returnable solutions to enable caterers to speed up their transitions in relation to sustainable development and therefore curb the phenomenon of excess consumption of single-use plastic.

Here you can discover our MADE IN France containers, and their wide range of shapes, capacities and features perfectly suited to takeaway meals, deliveries, corporate catering, and more.

Our sustainable solutions


Do you want to commit to reducing waste?

Are you all for container returns, reuse and zero waste?

But not sure how to go about it?

The wait is over. Get in touch with Agathe, our sustainable solutions expert who will help you find the solution that’s best for your establishment.


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So Urban

A range of long-lasting, reusable and returnable glass containers! A genuine alternative to single-use plastic, the collection has been specifically designed for catering, takeaway meals and deliveries. As well as being made of glass, a…


Preserving the freshness and quality of your food is a must for healthy eating! The healthy and hygienic Keep’N Box glass range is specifically designed for completely safe food preservation. Ideal for keeping your food…

Empilable Caps

Empilable Caps bowls and salad bowls ensure hygienic storage and save space by stacking neatly with their lids on. Airtight Polypropylene (PP) lid BPA-free Microwave-friendly with lid open Base and lid designed for washing in…

Food Box

A range of rectangular containers of different sizes, perfectly suited to deliveries and takeaway meals. Ideal for hot dishes such as lasagne or shepherd’s pie. Airtight and suitable for storage lid on lid, this range…

Pure Box Active

Pure Box Active boxes are perfectly airtight thanks to their clip-on, fully stain-resistant, antibacterial lids along with their tempered glass body. Smart, breathable boxes: they go straight in the microwave without needing to remove the…


Less breakage

For professionals, breakage problems are a regular occurence. In order to increase the lifetime of product by 10 to 50 times, in 1958, our research and development center developed and perfected since then, a technical…