Farm to table

Combo 1

Farm to Table ambiance for this Rocaleo, Vesca, Bystro and Ballon combo.


This mineral collection with outstanding charm is designed to create friendly and authentic ambiances. With their irregular contours and raw-looking exterior, these plates and the reinforced porcelain dishes add a very natural touch to your…


The Ballon collection: popular rounded glasses. Balloon glasses have been popular since the 1960s and their appeal doesn’t appear to be dwindling, with their stability and slender sides. The most popular model, the 25 cl,…

Vesca 2,8 mm – 18/10

The Vesca collection is a long collection consisting of table and service cutlery, including oyster or snail forks and steak knives, as well as ladles and cake servers. The dinner fork and spoon are 2.8…


The old-fashioned milk bottle style is very popular today: the vintage look of the Bystro water and wine decanter is a real hit on bar and restaurant tables. It adds an up-to-date touch.

Farm to table

Combo 2

For a Farm to Table concept, combine the Trianon, Normandie, Alabama and Carrée collections.


The Trianon collection has a delicate festoon, echoing the great tradition of place setting. Enhanced by the pure whiteness of the opal, the line comprises all the essentials: flat or oval plates, salad bowls, dishes,…


Its lyre shape, its boldly moulded stem with a retro air and its sturdiness are the hallmarks of the Normandie collection’s success. The two stemmed glasses are perfect for serving water or wine and the…

Alabama 3 mm – 18/10

The Alabama collection juxtaposes the sensual, rounded contours of the spoon bowls and knife blades with the angular, contemporary ends of the handles. This geometric dialogue gives a modern touch to a line that appears…


These three small decanters with a vintage feel from the Carré collection have thought of everything to make life easier for you. Designed for wine, water or fruit juice, they come in three formats, perfect…


Perfect resistance to professional dishwashers

Through-coloured, decorated or spray coloured, Arcoroc items can withstand more than 2,000 industrial washes: be bold with colour!

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