Cocktail & Soft

Combo 1

Winning combo of the Cocktail and Vina collections.


The cocktail line features two must-have glasses for mixologists. The small glass is ideal for serving martinis or stronger cocktails. The Gin glass has a generous bowl inspired by the famous coppa shape, ready to…


The Vina collection will become indispensable. With its harmonious curves, it suits all ambiances: bars, lounges, brasseries… It includes several stemmed glasses and an elegant decanter for serving wine. This full collection also includes high…

Cocktail & Soft

Combo 2

The can is the true symbol of sodas, and all the leading brands have adapted it, abandoning the returnable glass bottle. For many years, the design of the can has evolved, becoming thinner and taller, to always stay on trend.
Arcoroc plays with the codes of this iconic object by developing it in glass. The can becomes transparent to really show off its contents. For beer, cocktails or smoothies, surprise your customers by serving them in the new CAN collection.


Repurposing is all the rage, which is why Arcoroc is launching the CAN collection with its surprising glass ‘tin can’ design. With CAN, your cocktails will be even more talked about on social media!

Cocktail & Soft

Combo 3

A safe bet: the Stack-up collection.

Stack up

The Stack Up collection features a whole host of handy tricks to make them easier to serve with and store. These stable, heavy-bottomed glasses are stackable so they can be cleared away and stored easily.…


Less breakage

For professionals, breakage problems are a regular occurence. In order to increase the lifetime of product by 10 to 50 times, in 1958, our research and development center developed and perfected since then, a technical…

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