Combo 1

For your brasserie, opt for the Intensity Vina, Alabama Sand, Fluid and Be Bag combo.


The timeless, elegant style of the Intensity collection suits all dining environments. It is so vast that it is sure to have the perfect product for you, whatever your requirements: large, flat plates, soup or…


The Vina collection will lend its unique, generous roundness to your restaurant, bar or lounge settings. These four tulip-shaped stemmed glasses are perfectly suited to serving wine. The flute and its long stem showcase sparkling…


A decanter for wine, water or fruit juice, the Fluid collection is clever and versatile when it comes to service. Two small sizes put a retro stamp on tables, with their waiter style stopper. This…


Zero stains

Dinnerware and cutlery are developed in total synergy. The hardness of Arcoroc cutlery is suitable for glass, opal, Zenix or porcelain dinnerware, preventing stains or scratches on plates and keeping your dinnerware beautiful for longer.

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