Combo 1

For your Banqueting concept, choose an Intensity, Dolce Vina, Alabama and Cascade combo.


The timeless, elegant style of the Intensity collection suits all dining environments. It is so vast that it is sure to have the perfect product for you, whatever your requirements: large, flat plates, soup or…


The old-fashioned milk bottle style is very popular today: the vintage look of the Bystro water and wine decanter is a real hit on bar and restaurant tables. It adds an up-to-date touch.


The Ballon collection: popular rounded glasses. Balloon glasses have been popular since the 1960s and their appeal doesn’t appear to be dwindling, with their stability and slender sides. The most popular model, the 25 cl,…


Zero stains

Dinnerware and cutlery are developed in total synergy. The hardness of Arcoroc cutlery is suitable for glass, opal, Zenix or porcelain dinnerware, preventing stains or scratches on plates and keeping your dinnerware beautiful for longer.

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