Heat resistant

From hot to cold with no risk of breakage

Tempered and opal items are treated to withstand temperature variations of 135°C. Other products can only withstand a temperature variation of 80°C.

Shock resistant

Less breakage

For professionals, breakage problems are a regular occurence. In order to increase the lifetime of product by 10 to 50 times, in 1958, our research and development center developed and perfected since then, a technical process known as «tempering». This process provides products with excellent resistance to heat and mechanical shock.
Our items are fully tempered.

Scratch resistant

Zero stains

Dinnerware and cutlery are developed in total synergy. The hardness of Arcoroc cutlery is suitable for glass, opal, Zenix or porcelain dinnerware, preventing stains or scratches on plates and keeping your dinnerware beautiful for longer.

Perfectly stackable

Professional design

An innovative, on-trend design, perfect ergonomics, etc. Arcoroc designs all of its products for comfortable, functional use (e.g. compact stacking, optimum drying, etc.).

Colour and decoration that last

Perfect resistance to professional dishwashers

Through-coloured, decorated or spray coloured, Arcoroc items can withstand more than 2,000 industrial washes: be bold with colour!

Non-porous materials

Perfect hygiene

Items in glass, opal or Zenix are made from a single material, thus guaranteeing perfect hygiene.