Nova Aquitania

The Nova Aquitania collection combines product benefits with a variety of uses. The lightness of Nova Aquitania items has been specifically designed to prevent the risk of M.S.D. – Musculoskeletal Disorders – among kitchen staff and to reduce food waste with adapted dimensions and capacities. Nova Aquitania is also an optimal collection of five multi-purpose and stackable items, a real advantage for use in school canteens. The three plates 225 mm, 155 mm, 155 mm in hollow version, the 20cl and the 50 cl bowl are perfectly adapted to the intensive uses of the profession thanks to the tempering process and prevent sanitary risks thanks to the non-porous Opale material avoiding any migration of particles in the food. In response to the color trend, the 225 mm and 155 mm plates as well as the 130 mm Nova Aquitania dish are also available in Light Turquoise opal, allowing for a color mix on the trays.