Arcoroc Glassware for Pubs, Clubs, Bars and Other Drinking Establishments

Arcoroc has been designing innovative solutions to the practical challenges faced by drinking establishments for over fifty years. Solutions that meet the needs of bars, pubs, clubs and discotheques with the added value of attractive, visually pleasing glassware that is pleasant to drink from. Arcoroc glassware: for the pleasure of drinking establishments and their patrons.

“The Ultimate Pint” – designed for safety and a longer-lasting head!

Every year in the UK, there are 973,000 incidents involving alcohol related violence and 87,000 violent incidents involving glass at an estimated cost of £2,7 billion to the NHS. Looking to design crime out of the ubiquitous pint glass, Arc International brought over 50 years technical experience to finding a solution and introduced “The Ultimate Pint”, a toughened glass with a revolutionary new design in 2010. The pint has a uniform thickness and a straight profile which makes it more resistant than toughened pint glasses currently found in the market.

And when these pint glasses do break, the stress fracture management system used in the glass’s design promotes reverse breakage. Rather than shattering into large shards which may be used in “glassings”, The Ultimate Pint breaks apart into small, cube-like pieces which are practically harmless. But there’s more to a beer glass than extra-resistant glass and safety.

The Ultimate Pint’s design also makes it easy to grasp, comfortable to hold, and easy to clean reducing spillage and accidents by bar staff. And for consumers who place importance on beer heads, thought to release a beer’s aroma, this pint glass was also designed with a nucleation point to boost the heads for longer lasting foam! A picture is worth a thousand words. See “The Ultimate Pint” in action:

Innovative Design and Enhanced Functionality – Arcoroc speciality glasses and barware

Unfortunately, design is often sacrificed to function and cost in professional glassware. Arcoroc have successfully combined an approach to innovative design with enhanced functionality in their complete range of glassware and speciality glasses. And the range is quite wide moving from traditional cocktail glasses such as the Granity shot glasses, Nonic-tumblers, and highballs to barware for speciality drinks such as the cocktail and margarita glasses, or Hurricane punch glasses - along with pitchers and decanters to name but a few.

The range covers any drink or cocktail you may serve be it hot or cold, indoor or poolside. The designs are clean and simple. The use of tempered glass affords greater resistance to breakage and temperature variations which offers non negligible cost savings in terms of restocking. The use of this extra-resistant glass also means reduced glass thickness which directly affects a product’s elegance as any and all of the Arcoroc products can demonstrate.

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Functionality is designed into the glass: a highball glass with an original shape and aptly named the Stack Up frees up storage space for bar supplies. A Nonic tumbler with a heavier base gives the glass more heft for a better hold in the consumer’s hand all the while giving the glass greater stability. Along the same lines, the “Slide Control” concept, a silicon base on glasses, ensures that glasses remain stable when being served in busy venues. Or silicon spirals on cocktail glasses and highballs which react to black light and glow in the dark so your establishment stands out in the crowd. And if the glasses are used for mulled wine, Irish coffee or other hot drinks, the attractive silicon bands actually protect the drinkers’ fingers from the heat! The glassware’s design also means great versatility of use. The Malea line of stemware with its sheer rim technology can be used for wine, fruit juices, or a house drink. Hot and cold drinks can be also be served in same glasses, or drinks and food can be served in multi-purpose cocktail glasses or bowls. “Clever”. It’s a word often associated with the Arcoroc range of bar and stemware: practical, ergonomic, economic, original and aesthetically pleasing for both the consumer and the professional barman.

Arcoroc: bringing innovative solutions to practical problems

Drinking establishments be they bars, pubs, discotheques, taverns or poolside restaurants must meet specific needs to survive in a competitive marketplace: cost, resistance, practicality,... concern with general use that goes well beyond a glass’s design or its aesthetics. Arcoroc, Arc International’s food service division has been meeting and exceeding the glassware needs of the commercial food industry for over 50 years with innovative design and practical considerations: glassware designed with thought to the daily use and abuse of barware. In working with these professionals, Arcoroc has developed glasses made of extra-resistant glass that are shock resistant resulting in little breakage and budget savings. Glassware that is resistant to thermal variations of up to 135°C allowing glasses to move from salamandre to cold water, again without breakage. And glassware that is safe if it does break. Along the same lines as The Ultimate Pint Glass, Arcoroc’s tempered glassware breaks up into small, harmless pieces guaranteeing client safety and table service. The extensive line of stemware – Normandie, Princesa, Malea to name but a few - includes the classic red wine glass, champagne glasses, or wine goblets and drinkware for spirits; also in extra-resistant glass, or in sculptured or coloured glass with thin rims for optimal drinking conditions. Needless to add, these glassware lines are also microwave and dishwater safe. A separate line has been developed in response to restrictions on glassware in pool bars and restaurants. The resulting Outdoor Perfect Collection, in SAN plastic, has clean pure lines and the look and feel of the finest glass.

The Ultimate Pint by Arcoroc

The Ultimate Pint glass is a fully tempered tumbler designed for the specifics of the UK market. A leader in glassware, Arcoroc has not only designed danger out of the glass but as a result has also created a pint glass that will dramatically reduce remplacement costs for pubs and drinking establishments while offering patrons a glass that is pleasant to drink from. The Ultimate Pint? Quite simply, the ultimate!

  • Beautiful and functional

    sheer rim technology creates a fine rim glass adding elegance to strength

  • High resistance

    Slide control

    The silicon base that keeps glasses stable when serving

  • Cost efficient

    Dishwasher and microwave safe