Created in 1958, Arcoroc, a brand of Arc International, provides restaurants and catering institutions with tableware that is simultaneously functional, highly resistant, cost effective and attractive. Arcoroc achieves this with revolutionary materials and innovative design.

Designing constraints out of quality tableware and restaurant crockery

Arcoroc is the food services division of Arc International. Originally a French crystal and glassworks manufacturer, today Arc is a leading international manufacturer of quality tableware and restaurant equipment. Created in 1958, Arcoroc has been serving the specific needs and constraints of commercial restaurants and catering institutions since its inception. Covering the complete range of tableware - drinkware, dinnerware, flatware, and stainless steel cutlery – Arcoroc products are available in a range of materials that guarantees they meet every need from safety, cost and concept considerations whether hospital portion control plates, seminar buffets or equipment for catering. Constantly working to better meet and exceed the needs of food industry professionals, Arc’s engineers and researchers continuously work on new materials such as Opal™ glass, total tempering for extra resistant glass and the revolutionary Zenix®.

tableware for restaurant professionals

Addressing cost, safety and health

Hospitals and other institutional catering institutions face particular constraints in the selection of their plates and crockery. The products are subjected to extraordinary demands: wide thermal variations, use and abuse by diners, storage, safety, even health constraints. Arcoroc products have been developed in response to such concerns. Opal used in much of the Arcoroc dinnerware range is three times as shock resistant as other traditional materials found on the market. The plates also offer greater resistance to scratching, to industrial washing, to thermal variations and can be handled straight out of the microwave without risk of burning. Further, testing conducted by independent testing laboratories has shown that the plates have zero bacterial risk: an added consideration for both hospital catering and other institutional catering such as school canteens. The range is also designed with a thought to storage and service. Already mentioned, plates can move from the microwave to the table without risk of burning. Glasses, plates and cups are easily stackable. Arcoroc has gone so far as to design stemware that is stackable! Dinner plates come in different shapes for optimal tray use and ease of handling. Further, the classic white Opal™ dinnerware is made more contemporary with thin bistro stripes or broad brush strokes in complementary colours that can be mixed and matched for a more convivial table setting.

Designed with Restaurant Professionals in Mind

But it is perhaps in the area of buffetware and table service that Arcoroc best exemplifies technological achievement and aesthetics.

Intensity Risotto

First in terms of material to cover a variety of tableware concepts from cocktail and barware to hot beverages, dessert and table decoration. Dinnerware is available in a range of materials from extra strong porcelain and tempered glass to the revolutionary Zenix®. An Arc innovation, Zenix® is obtained from the high temperature fusion of mineral raw materials which are then reinforced with alumina giving the Arcoroc products exceptional mechanical strength. Zenix® plates are 3 times more shock and chip resistant than traditional porcelain. The perfectly smooth and non-porous surface makes Zenix® highly resistant to scratches. Stainless steel knives simply slide over the plate’s surface leaving no trace and the plates retain their brand new surface shine for over 2000 industrial dishwasher cycles. Finally, Zenix®’s homogenous nature means a perfect finish and shine and warm bone china colour. This technological achievement has been deployed in attractive, highly functional designs such as the Tendency and the Intensity lines which can be mixed and matched with other Arcoroc dinnerware to create stunning table settings.

Beautiful and functional are not mutually exclusive

Arcoroc succeeds in creating style, but Arcoroc products are designed first and foremost with function in mind. Arcoroc aims to simplify life in the kitchen and the dining room. Specialty plates such as the Intensity risotto plate with contemporary shapes have wide rims for ease of service. Plates, glasses and cups are equipped with “Slide Control”, an invisible silicon band on the base of the product which keeps them stable when serving. Silicon spirals on glasses also add a decorative touch while allowing the diner to drink a hot beverage without risk of burning fingers. And the professional has the added advantage of using a same glass for both hot and cold beverages thus reducing inventory cost. Teapots, lidded sugar bowls and cups are stackable for presentation on a buffet table or ease of storage. A discrete etching on a stemmed wine glass means a waiter can easily and instantly serve two different capacities. And the list goes on and on.

Arcoroc: the professionals’ choice

Arcoroc offers professionals a wide range of styles and materials to choose from covering the needs of the hospital caterer, the gastro pub, or the hotel restaurant. No fewer than 55 dinnerware collections in Opal™, porcelain, glass or Zenix®; 117 glass and stemware collections in clear, coloured and tempered glass and 5 high quality flatware and cutlery collections in 18/10, 18/0 and 13/0 stainless steel. For every catering or restaurant serving concern, Arcoroc has a solution for professionals. Discover the Arcoroc collections for yourself.

"The Stack Up Tumbler by Arcoroc
Quite simply, quite stackable!"

Ever aware of the concerns faced by hospitality professionals, the range of Stack Up tumblers has practicality built in. Like many of the Arcoroc products, the Stack Up is multi-purpose: available in a range of volumes, the tumbler moves from cocktails to hot and cold drinks and can even double as a cocktail shaker. Technological details abound: all are in fully tempered glass so extra resistant. There's a head booster for the beer tumbler and storage is quite simple because quite simply, quite stackable!

  • Beautiful and functional

    Beautiful and functional

    Intelligent design simplifies use and service, while creating well-laid looks and style

  • High resistance

    High resistance

    Breakage, chipping, scratching, industrial dishwashing, temperature variations, and much more

  • Cost efficient

    Cost efficient

    Collections that can be mixed and matched